Center for Liver Diseases


Kerry Whitt MD

The Center for Liver Diseases offers convenient and comprehensive evaluation and treatment for a wide range of liver diseases. Many of our providers are experienced in the evaluation of viral hepatitis, fatty liver disease/NASH, autoimmune hepatitis, liver toxicity from medications, and complications of cirrhosis. The prevalence of cirrhosis or end stage liver disease due to a variety of diseases is rapidly increasing, and our staff works together with primary care providers to provide high quality care to this complex patient population. Many of our patients are treated collaboratively with oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, and other subspecialists within the community. Our group offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for various liver diseases, including viral hepatitis. Improvements in the management of hepatitis C are increasing the ‘cure’ rate for the disease and altering its natural history. These advances are one of the exciting opportunities that exist for our patients. Finally, if required, our physicians work very closely with the liver transplantation centers both at the University of North Carolina and Duke University Medical Center.

The Center for Liver Diseases is headed by Kerry N. Whitt, MD, our newest addition to the group. In addition to a three year fellowship in gastroenterology at University of Tennessee, Dr. Whitt spent an additional year of training dedicated to liver disease at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine after being awarded an AASLD training grant. He earned a Certificate of Added Qualification in Advanced and Transplant Hepatology in 2008.

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